Rascal + Thorn


Rascal + Thorn culinary trips and experiences bring together the food industry and its admirers.  Meet with chefs outside of their kitchens and learn how they use the local ingredients or cultures to influence their cuisine.


Whether it is whisky, cocktails or wine, Rascal + Thorn provides expert, in-depth experiences across the globe.  From whisky tours to cocktail workshops and weekends, our expert guides provide a premium time.

Highlighted Trips.

Japanese Whisky Tour: March 15-25, 2024
Japanese Whisky Tour: March 15-25, 2024

Charles heads back to Japan for his 4th Whisky Tour! He takes all of the great and puts it into one incredible experience. One of the best ways to visit Japan!

The Water of Life Tour - Part II Speyside: May 4-12, 2024
The Water of Life Tour - Part II Speyside: May 4-12, 2024

Join Greg Swartz from The Water of Life and Holly as they explore the best of the Speyside and Highland Regions in Scotland! Also take part in the Spirit of Speyside Festival.

Ireland Whiskey Tour - The Northern Journey: September 21-29, 2024
Ireland Whiskey Tour - The Northern Journey: September 21-29, 2024

Join Charles as he heads back to Ireland for an Off-The-Beaten Path Journey covering the Northern half of Ireland. Great whiskey, nature and cultural visits!

John Sconzo

Originally from New York City and an Italian-American family to whom food was of utmost importance, John’s passion for food and wine goes back a long time.  As an early online writer and photographer of chefs and their craft, John has developed a deep relationship with the food industry.

It is this love of travel and food that makes John a great host on our culinary journeys and experiences.

Charles Grabitzky

Growing up in San Francisco and living abroad in both Mexico and Turkey has given Charles a global personality and a love for travel.  Providing a great experience for his guests and seeing how travel can change people’s lives is his ultimate goal.

Whisky is his passion and in the last few years he has focused on leading niche whiskey tours to Scotland, Ireland, Japan and the U.S. He also started the Saratoga Whiskey Club in Upstate New York: Saratoga Whiskey Club

We are thrilled to feature the Tequilas of @tequilaherraduramx at tonight’s Guest Chef dinner with @oswaldo.oliva.rico of Mexico City’s @lorea @alelirooftop @antesala.cdmx and @supertyrano at the spectacular @deermountaininn in the Catskills. Tickets available til 3pm or sold out, whichever comes first.
Prep for tomorrow night’s @oswaldo.oliva.rico dinner @deermountaininn is proceeding apace! We are very excited and hope you can join us! There are just a few seats still available. 

A huge thank you to Chef @c_kave and his team! Everyone at the Deer Mountain Inn has been an absolute pleasure to work with!

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